Is an RSL10 sample application for streaming audio to iphone available?

I am looking for the possibility of using RSL10 to stream audio to an iphone

I am basically looking for something like the ble_android_asha sample program, but one that streams to iphone

Would doing something like this be possible? Is there any sample program for streaming audio to iphone?

Not in the RSL10 offering, but through Ezairo 7160 which includes an RSL10 inside. See this getting started on the Ezairo 7160 product page.

The following is quoted from that document:

MFi operation requires a special part number and a licensing agreement between the hearing-aid manufacturer and Apple Computer Inc.

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So if I get an E7160SL chip, is there a sample program to help me get started streaming audio to an iphone? I get that I will need some kind of special license from Apple. How does the actual audio streaming part work?

Apple streaming is integrated into PreSuite for Ezairo 7160. It is a turn key option that works out of the box. You would need to contact your local sales rep for more details due to our engagement model for that product.