Interrupt Masking not in Continue_Application?

In sample code peripheral_server_sleep, function App_Initialize applies

    /* Mask all interrupts */

    /* Disable all interrupts and clear any pending interrupts */

followed by configuring registers ACS, SYSCTRL, RF, CLK, BBIF, BLE*, among others, and
ends with

    /* Stop masking interrupts */

Could you please explain why interrupts are masked in App_Initialize and why
this is not the case in function Continue_Application where registers DIO, ACS, CLK, FLASH, BBIF (among others) are reconfigured?

I don’t believe there’s any particular reason. The masking should likely be done in both places for consistency and ultimate avoidance of any unforeseen issues.

For unknown reasons, masking code in Continue_Application seems to be problematic (= no wakeup from sleep Mode).