IDE Upgrade Issues


I used the onsemi example project to find the issue and read through the posts. We tried the following approach, which didn’t solve the issue.

I can debug the normal hrp_fota example but not the hrp_fota_sleep.

I attached the two error messages I get.

Are there settings I have to do in addition, so the sleep example can be debugged?

see attached:

Hello Youssef,
Did you upload bootloader first ?
Also which debugger do you use ?

I uploaded the bootloader first through the Stand Alone Flashloader as well as the IDE before flashing the sleep example. It made no difference.

I have tried this with the onsemi RSL10 Eval Board as well as the Segger Edu mini and our own hardware. Both show the same error.


Please try to implement suggestions from our RSL10 Getting Started Guide, Chapter 7.4 7.4 DEBUGGING WITH LOW POWER SLEEP MODE .