I2C stop condition control does not work

Hello,I’m using i2c_RSLxx.c cmsis library for i2c communication.
As you can see screenshot, there is always stop condition which is generated from driver even if I make true at the driver like below.
i2c->MasterTransmit(register_add, start_conv, 2, false);

i2c->MasterTransmit(register_add, start_conv, 2, true);

Both code gives same result. Why that can happen ?

According to this explanation, it can not happen.
You can find this explanation at this link . (I2C Interface)

Thank you

Hi @ceran.omur,

Please see the topic below where we address this issue and provide a temporary fix.

This is caused by a bug in our CMSIS Drivers that we plan to address in future releases.

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