I just purchased an EVBUM2529/D, it's missing U2 part? Is that normal?

I have just purchased an EVBUM2529/D from an online marketplace. It said there are signs of wear (2nd hand) but in working order.

But looking at the eval board it is missing component U2 (ATSAM3U2CA−AU), are there different versions of this Eval board? If so what version do I have?

I couldn’t find anything online about this missing component on this eval board.

Hi @Leeman ,
As you said this board is second-hand board. U2 (ATSAM3U2CA−AU) has been moved and you can’t use USB for debug.
And also the JTAG adapter has been changed.

You can find everything in this link.

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So they have removed it?

I just want to use this board to explore the functionality of the RSL10. Can I connect my own J-link debugger to it for debugging?

I have my own prototype board with an RSL10 on it that I will be programming in-circuit later.

p.s. Thanks for the fast reply. My first post and i am very pleased with your efficiency. :slight_smile:

Hi @Leeman ,
Yes. I guess so. You should be able to use J-link programmer for debugging through that red circle JTAG adapter.