How to use UART0 or UART1 on ax8052 (part of the ax5043 kit)

I see that UART0 is used on the dbglink and UART1 is used on for the LCD, how can I repurpose either of these for a custom application?

Hi @agallen , thank you for using our Community Forum!

As you correctly noticed we use different UART ports for different streams.
The type of output can be configured directly in the Ax-RadioLab GUI via the “Kit Options” panel:

As you can see in this picture, you can select if you want to enable the verbose output on the LCD Display, DebugLink, and simple UART0. Note that our code initializes the DebugLink on UART1. For UART0 instead you can choose either to output to the LCD display or to print out directly on the UART0 (bitstream that can be visualized via a Serial COM monitor).
In code, these GUI changes modify the header files \AX_Radio_Lab_output\configmaster.h and configslave.h with the following defines:

#define USE_LCD 
#define USE_DBGLINK 
//#define USE_COM0

If you wish to change the logic please inspect the PORT programming in the AX8052 Programming Manual.