How to use RSL10 with VBAT<1.18V


I would like to operate RSL10 with VBAT<1.18V and found the following procedures for that:

In order to be able to use a VBAT Min of 1.1 V, the following reduced operating conditions should be observed:
− Maximum Tx power 0 dBm.
− SYSCLK ≤ 24 MHz.
− Functional temperature range limited to 0−50 deg C
The following trimming parameters should be used:
− VCC = 1.10 V
− VDDC = 0.92 V
− VDDM = 1.05 V, will be limited by VCC at end of battery life
− VDDRF = 1.05 V, will be limited by VCC at end of battery life. VDDPA should be disabled
RSL10 should enter in end−of−battery−life operating mode if VCC falls below 1.03 V. VCC will remain above 1.03 V if VBAT ≥ 1.10 V under the restricted operating conditions described above

I implemented these parameters in RSL10-IOT-GEVB but RSL10 gets powered off when voltage falls below 1.19V.
Please look into this and suggest your opinion.

Hi @brandon.shannon - I haven’t played with the RSL10 at low voltage. Is this something you can help Martin with?

Welcome to the Community Forum!

The voltages listed for lower VBAT operation need to be calibrated before being used.

The trims can be calibrated after every power up, or you can use the sample supplemental_calibrate code to save these specific trim values in NVR3 for subsequent power-ups. (Note the cautions in the readme for that project to ensure the factory NVR3 information is retained.)