How to use LowPowerClock_Source_Set

According to the RSL10 Hardware Reference Section “Standby Clock”:

“IMPORTANT: In typical configurations, the RSL10 Bluetooth stack is provided with a 32 kHz crystal oscillator source that provides 32768 Hz source with a variation of up to 500 ppm. If STANDBYCLK meets these operating assumptions, use the LowPowerClock_Source_Set(0) API function from the Bluetooth stack library to inform the Bluetooth stack.
If STANDBYCLK does not meet these operating conditions, the stack must be informed using the
LowPowerClock_Source_Set(1) API function call.”

Does this mean that

  1. the application shall call LowPowerClock_Source_Set(0) if the clock variation of the STANDBYCLK is less than or equal to 500 ppm (no matter which clock source is selected), and

  2. in other cases, i.e clock variation bigger than 500 ppm, the application shall use LowPowerClock_Source_Set(1) ?



Both points 1. and 2. above are correct.

Accuracy <= 500ppm ; Use LowPowerClock_Source_Set(0);
Accuracy > 500ppm ; Use LowPowerClock_Source_Set(1);

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