How to use 2 RSL10 to realize receiving and sending?

I tried to use ble_central_peripheral and ble_peripheral_server_bond sample codes to realize receiving and sending.

After the peripheral role establishes a connection with a central device, how does the central role send data to peripheral devices?

I want to use custom service to complete sending and receiving, but it doesn’t succeed.

How do I modify the program in ble_central_peripheral and ble_peripheral_server_bond code?

if you want use two RSL10 for BLE communication I will recommand you use central_client_uart and peripheral_server_uart samples, then you can use a UART PC tool to send the message to the peripheral. and in peripheral side you can see the message in the UART PC tool.
if need more details about build this demos, please contact with me in email :

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Thank you for your advice.
I can see the message of two RSL10 for BLE communication in the UART PC tool.

I have one doubt regarding this topic. that is if multiple rsl10 nodes are present then how one central will identify particular BLE name for connection and for further communication.

Hi,@sapana. it’s a good question. you can using the conidx to idetify the servers such as below send function.

Thank you for reply. where I can edit the raw data in SDK.

I show the picture just want to show you the conidx can identify the server device. you can using it in your own code when you want to communicate with server you need to specific its conidx