How to read from UART0 on AX8052 (part of AX5043 dev kit)

I’m able to write to a raspberry pi over UART0, but I’m unable to receive any data over the port. I verified my raspberry pi is able to send and receive messages, so I don’t believe its an issue on that side.

No matter what I send to the TX pin (PB4), uart0_rxcount() returns 0. Do I need to enable the TX pin somehow?

Thanks in advance.


Can you use our AX - RadioLab and in Kit configuration window select : Output via UART instead of output via LCD if you do use our DVK-2c kit.

In AXCode:: Blocks you should see RX data (SLAVE ) in debugger link:

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Hi martin,

I’m having no issues sending data over UART0. I realize I made a mistake typing my post referencing the TX pin (PB4), when I mean the RX pin (PB5). Does the RX pin need to be enabled to receive data via UART0? The function uart0_rxcount() returns 0 regardless of uart0 input.


Please refer to our AX8052 Programming Manual

The AX8052 has three general purpose 8 bit GPIO Ports, Port A, B and C. An additional port, Port R, is dedicated to connecting a Radio chip. Most GPIO pins may also be connected to peripherals. The registers PALTA, PALTB and PALTC configure which GPIO pins serve as dedicated peripheral output. Peripheral inputs may be selected using the PINSEL register.