How to program SECO-RSL10-CAM-GEVB

I am trying to get familiar with the dev board and have not been able to program the device. I have only the board and my laptop and get the feeling I need additional hardware, perhaps a j-link programmer? Can somebody explain what else I need and/or how to connect the pieces so I can program the device?

I can build the smartshot_demo_cam project in the IDE but have been hesitant to do the debugging step as I only have a single dev board and don’t want to break it. I also tried to run jlink.exe manually and it doesn’t see the board.

Hello @miked531

The SECO-RSL10-CAM-GEVB board does not contain an On-Board Debugger.
You need to use an external J-Link debug probe to flash/debug the device.
Additionally you need an 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter (sometimes also listed as 10-pin) to connect the probe to the board.

The USB port can be used to update the Image Sensor Processor only, but this step should not be required.

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Can you suggest which devices specifically, that I need? Links and/or model numbers would be extra helpful.

Looks like about the only place to connect a 9-pin adapter is to CON2, correct?

Any of the currently available J-Link debug probes will work with RSL10.

For debugging you power the board via USB cable and connect the 9-pin adapter cable from J-Link to CON2.
After that you can launch debugging session from the IDE.

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