How to observe interrupts on IRQ pin of AX5043

I ported Library Generated by Radiolib to Arduino, Set PNFUNCIRQ = 0x03 to “output interrupt request” on the IRQ pin, when the following code is executed

if (pktlen)
uint8_t i = pktlen;
radio_write8(AX5043_REG_FIFODATA, AX5043_FIFOCMD_DATA | (7 << 5));
radio_write8(AX5043_REG_FIFODATA, i + 1);
radio_write8(AX5043_REG_FIFODATA, 0x08);
do {radio_write8(AX5043_REG_FIFODATA, *pkt++);}
while (–i);
radio_write8(AX5043_REG_FIFOSTAT, 4); // FIFO commit
radio_write8(AX5043_REG_IRQMASK0, radio_read8(AX5043_REG_IRQMASK0) | 0x08);

By observing the IRQ pin with an scope, the IRQ pin has been kept low, I still need those settings, The output spectrum in GFSK-1200 mode, is visible below:

Thank you for not answering my question, I have got a solution to control the interrupt signal properly

Hi @justin.h725, I split your post from the other topic as it discusses a different challenge and it was lost in the comment section.
As you write that you solved the issue, do you mind sharing your solution?