How to control GAP and GATT operations in RSL10 from other MCU

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I wish to know if there’s way to control RSL10 GAP and GATT operations through UART interface? or any other way.
I see that there are no AT commands support in most of the examples provided. How to add them if needed? Any example available?

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I think you are asking about being able to configure some attribute of the RSL10 such as whether it should be a central or peripheral, security parameters, etc. that are typically compile time options in our sample code.

If this assumption is correct, then you would need to implement your own protocol using the UART interface to communicate with the other MCU prior to initializing the BLE services. An example of how to communicate over the UART interface can be found in ble_peripheral_server_uart.

The main() function would then look something like:

int main(void) { /* Configure hardware and initialize BLE stack */ Device_Initialize();

/* Get configuration from external MCU over UART */

/* Based on configuration, setup services */
/* Configure application-specific advertising data and scan response  data*/
/* Configure Device Information Service Server */
/* Reset the GAP manager. Trigger GAPM_CMP_EVT / GAPM_RESET when finished. See APP_GAPM_GATTM_Handler */

while (1)
    Kernel_Schedule();    /* Dispatch all events in Kernel queue */
    SYS_WAIT_FOR_EVENT;    /* Wait for an event before re-executing the scheduler */


You could add logic in the main while() loop to break out of it and reconfigure the device based on further UART commands by using the UART callback to set a flag that there’s a new command waiting to be processed for example.

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