How to actually interface with the integrated wireless transceiver on AXM0F343?

I am reading the AXM0F343’s User Manual and there is nothing written about how to interface with the integrated AX5043 - can someone lead me on how to do so? What peripheral do I need to configure in order to be able to work with the RF transceiver? Thanks

Hi Jonathan,
can you please describe better what you are trying to achieve?
The AXM0F343 is a ‘wireless MCU’ and as such it comes with all the needed SW to drive the integrated radio-core with the integrated MCU.

You can explore the capabilities of the AXM0F343 directly inspecting the source code of the examples that we deliver with the AXM0F343-CMSIS-Pack (downloadable at Software: AXM0F343 ( ). Among the examples, I can suggest you to check out the AXRadio-TX and AXRadio-RX that showcase how to initialize the radio and transmit/receive a packet.

In addition, you can find:


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