Getting a current of 14mA during advertisement

I am using NCH-RSL10-101S51-ACG.when measuring during:
During BLE advertisement.

I am measuring huge inrush currents.

  1. During BLE advertisement it is 14mA of inrush current followed by an average of 3.2mA


I am measuring via joulescope.

what could be the reason for this 14mA? and how can I reduce to 3mA or 5mA which is as per datasheet. I am supplying it with a voltage of 2.4V.

Hi @raj.ashok.ak, thanks for reaching out.
First I would recommend you try using a static measurement range (18mA), and compare the results. The auto ranging on the Joulsecope can create some anomalous spikes when there is an inrush of current. Otherwise your measurement appears normal.

I tried loading our sample project “peripheral_server_sleep” on to one of our EVBs and repeating your measurement using a static measurement range.

Here you can see a more stable measurement, which shows Imax=4.06mA.

In order to reduce the power consumption, I lowered the RF Transmit power from 0dBm to -10dBm. I did this my modifying line 170 in app_init.c from;

int setTXPowerStatus = Sys_RFFE_SetTXPower(Load_Tx_Power_Value());


int setTXPowerStatus = Sys_RFFE_SetTXPower(-10);

This gave me the following results.

We now see Imax=3.35mA when the device wakes from sleep, and the transmit current has fallen to around 2.7mA.

I hope this answers all your questions. Feel free to reach out with more, and thank you for using our community forum!

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