GAPM Activity, Stop Reason is not documented


I’m trying to run “ble_advertiser_DF” and “ble_scanner_DF” examples. the ble_scanner_DF makes synchronization with ble_advertiser_DF and once the sync has lost, I try to read the “stop reason”, reported by “struct gapm_activity_stopped_ind”:

            const struct gapm_activity_stopped_ind *actvInd = param;

            if(actvInd->actv_type == GAPM_ACTV_TYPE_PER_SYNC)
                swmLogInfo(" Periodic activity stopped, reason: %i, actvInd->reason");

Here you can find the "gapm_activity_stopped_ind " definition:

/* can be found at gapm_task.h file */

struct gapm_activity_stopped_ind
    /// Activity identifier
    uint8_t actv_idx;
    /// Activity type (@see enum gapm_actv_type)
    uint8_t actv_type;
    /// Activity stop reason
    uint8_t reason;
    /// In case of periodic advertising, indicate if periodic advertising has been stopped
    uint8_t per_adv_stop;

and I get a number (70=0x46) as stop reason, but I can’t find the corresponding description of this number.
Also, the “RW-BLE-GAP-IS.pdf” document doesn’t give any more information about this.

How can I know the meaning of the number reported as stop reason?



This error code can be found in the document RW BLE Host Error Code Interface Specification RW-BLE-HOS-ERR-CODE-IS.pdf.

You can find in in RSL10_documentatio0n _Package → ceva

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