GAPC_DISCONNECT_IND is not working

GAPC_DISCONNECT_IND is not working correctly. All other events like GAPC_CONNECTION_REQ_IND, working at same msg_handle but GAPC_DISCONNECT_IND is not working when NRF connect is disconnected device.

It’s working correctly a few hours ago however it does not work now. I did not make any update at code.
Is there any suggestion to check ?

I could not get disconnection event. Why can happen ?

Update: I tried code ble_peripheral_cgm, and also my code. Both working normally however the problem is android phone. Because I have Galaxy m31s model phone which I updated it a few weeks ago, When I tried that phone , disconnect event does not work. However When I tried same phone which is not updated,it is working normally. I suppose that the problem is android update. Even if it is like that , I must be sure that disconnection event must be come. Because I arranged my code for that. How can I sure that all phone will send me disconnection event ? Is there a way to check this ?

From the picture below, you could have GAPC_DISCONNECT_IND when there is disconnection from the Phone.

You can use the Bluetooth sniffer, it is very easy to see if phone has sent disconnect command.

As a sniffer, do you have an model ?

You can search online for keyword “bluetooth sniffer”. There are many out there. We are using Ellisys Bluetooth Analyzer. The simple way is to use for instance nordic board + wireshark.

I have rsl10 dev kit board, can I use it as a ble sniffer ? Do you have an example code for that ?


Our RSL10 can not be used as general BLE sniffer.
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