FOTA library release_light

BLE Stack and Kernel libraries version

Both BLE Stack and Kernel libraries are provided in 3 versions that you can select in the RTE configuration of your project:

  • release
  • release_hci
  • release_light


FOTA library version

The FOTA library merges 3 components:

  • BLE Stack
  • Kernel
  • DFU

Unfortunately, there is a single Fota library version (i.e.: the release version) up to SDK3.5.

Maybe it wouldn’t make sense to provide a release_hci version, but proposing a release_light version would make sense for projects where the consumption is critical and the functional restrictions of light stack version are acceptable.

The only technical reason I can think of that would prevent providing a release_light version of Fota library would be that the DFU component requires features not available in Light Stack.

Request for Fota release_light in future SDK

If there is no restriction linked to DFU, can On Semiconductor provide a release_light version of Fota library in future SDK?
I would be very interested in such a version!

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Hi @rvs

Thank you for your feedback and contribution to our Community Forum. We will review it but it is unlikely that we will be making further updates to the light stack release.