Fota.console app for linux

documentation lists several ways of performing fota update: pc with rsl dongle (using explorer or fota.console) or via mobile which acts as fota client.

we have a liunx device which has RSL10 integrated on it.
could fota.console source be made available? so we can use this app with needed modification

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The latest version of BLE Explorer 1.6 (released with RSL10 SDK 3.5) contains the source for FOTA console. Please see the BLE Explorer 1.6 Release Notes pdf in the BLE Explorer package.

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thanks Martin!! this was super helpful. I appreciate your help

I still have an issue that is still unclear to me, wonder if you could maybe helpout with that as well…
It seems that every fota flow endsup with application sub image update.
I would expect to have a flow which would endup saying there is nothing to update, say eg.
check if build id match (=> don’t update fota sub image),
check if app version match (=> don’t update app sub image)
can’t seem to wrap my head around this…