Forced shutdown of bluetooth transmission in the example "remote_tx_raw"

Hello. Is it possible to enter RSL 10 in the example of “remote_tx_raw” to force the bluetooth transmission to be turned off?

Hello. Thank you for reaching out to us.
Would you mind clarifying, do you mean “remote_ mic _tx_raw”? I don’t see “remote_tx_raw” included in our SDK samples.

Sorry, typo. Yes, I meant “remote_ mic _tx_raw".

Thank you for clarifying, I wanted to make sure we were starting in the same place :slight_smile: .

Are you interested in terminating the audio stream only? or are you interested in disabling the bluetooth radio entirely? You can use the function RM_Disable(void), inside rm_event.c to disable the remote mic message handler. If you want to disable bluetooth entirely I will need to review the correct procedure for doing so.