Flash memory usage for Application Data

We are currently using RSL10 for our application development.
For the application I am required to store 65KB of data.

From the “RSL10 Firmware Over-The-Air User’s Guide” Section 3.1
“The Bluetooth Low Energy stack, which contains the Device Firmware Update (DFU) component and the padding between the sub-images, allocates about 154KB. The remainder of the RSL10 main flash memory is available for the application (380KB - 154KB - 8KB approximately equal to 218KB).”

Is this true in case of RTOS built image also?

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Please confirm these questions.

  1. Will this 65KB data save to RAM or need save to Flash?
  2. If it is in RAM, it might be able to use DSP_DRAM.
    If it is in Flash and it needs use FOTA, the calculation (380KB - 154KB - 8KB =218KB
    This is true. If it needs 65KB for store data, then only (218-65) KB for application.

You have asked similar question at " Flash writing to NVR and Flash Areas error".
We have provided reference code in there.

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HI Martin,
I will be need to save the data in flash.

But I got the answer from the other question.

Thanks for your help

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