FDC6329/30/31 help :(

Hi, this is my first post, so I don’t know what cathegory do I need choice.
I have a big problem with FDC6329/30/31 series onsemi. Those parts are bought by me from many years (FDC6329). I need buy 100 pcs in this moment but I couldn’t find any shop where those parts are available :(. I need make 100 devices with FDC6329 or FDC63/31/31 part and I need 100 pcs those parts. Could You help me where I could buy it or get 100 pcs samples ? Thanks for all help. Wojtek, Poland.


As this Community Forum is intended to discuss connectivity products and solutions from onsemi
for Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and Sub-GHz, we would like you to redirect your question to our technical support team at technical support which provides up to date information and services to meet your needs.

Thank you.

Hi, thank You for information. I’ve sent message (like You suggested ) but Onsemi didn’t send to me any information.


Please submit your inquiry to our technical support team at technical support as you can see "Send and Email " below:


Hi, thank You for information :).