FAQ: Renaming projects from the AXM0F343 CMSIS Pack within Onsemi IDE


Starting from V of the Onsemi IDE (the one with the orange icon image) it is possible to arbitrarily rename projects when importing them from the CMSIS pack. This is particularly useful when multiple copies of the same example are copied into the workspace.
As shown below, if a project with the same name already exists, the user is prompt to rename it:

After renaming it, the project will be imported in the workspace alongside with all the already existing projects.


Once the renamed project is imported there will not be a properly configured Launch Configuration. It will be possible to build the project and generate a binary, but as the default Launch Configuration points to a wrong .elf file, you will not be able to flash the target and will get an error like that:

This is a CMSIS Pack Manager limitation and may be fixed with a later release of the Onsemi-IDE.
See the next section on how to solve this problem with the current Onsemi-IDE release.

Modify Launch Configuration to Flash

While the project’s files will be all copied automatically with the new name, the Launch Configuration will need to be manually modified to allow building/flashing following these steps:

  1. Right click on the project and go to Run As → Run Configurations.. This will open the Run Configurations panel.

  2. Under GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging you will find a list of all the existing Launch Configurations. Duplicate the existing Launch (Release or Debug).

  3. Under the “Main” tab, rename the launch configuration as the project name. (e.g. Copy-of-Blinky-AXM0F343-64 Release).

  4. Click on Browse to select the renamed project of interest (e.g. Copy-of-Blinky-AXM0F343-64 Release).

  5. Rename the .elf file name to <project_name>.elf. (e.g. Release\Copy-of-Blinky-AXM0F343-64.elf).

  6. Go to the “Common” tab and click on “Browse” to select the renamed project of interest (e.g. Copy-of-Blinky-AXM0F343-64 Release).

  7. If needed, repeat the above steps for the Debug or Release Configuration.

Note: the above steps work only if the original example (with the same name as in the CMSIS Pack) has been previously imported into the workspace. In case project is imported for the first time, with a renamed name, Onsemi-IDE will fail copying all the necessary files and the project will not be buildable.

Build and Flash

Now the projects are ready to be built and flashed. (Debug the “Debug Configuration” and/or Run the “Release Configuration”)