FAQ: Is the AX5043 going EOL soon? No!

Q: I noticed some AX5043 related part numbers are listed as last time buy or last shipments. Are you going to End of Life the AX5043?

A: NO! We ship millions of AX5043 every quarter, we have no short term plans to end of life this awesome product. What we did was get rid of the 500 piece reels, those are the only part numbers being discontinued. For example the AX5043-1-TA05 was a 500 part reel, and will no longer be supported. BUT the AX5043-1-TW30, which is a 3k reel, is fully supported.

Our distribution partners have smaller quantities available, so don’t worry about the lack of 500 unit reels.

Do you know where I can find a 169MHz dev kit before August?


Hi Marc, you can purchase our development kits via multiple channels as listed here ADD5043-169-2-GEVK onsemi | Octopart component search.

I do see indeed that currently no channel seems to have stock for the 169MHz addon module, but I am puzzled on why the earlier date for restocking is shown as August. Re-stocking should be definitely faster.

If you urgently need a module, I can suggest you to buy the development kit for another frequency (e.g. 433 MHz) which are in stock ADD5043 | Octopart and then rework the passive components to work on a different frequency.
You can also try to reach out to our local sales office at ON Semiconductor: Find Local Sales Support and see if anyone in your area has inventory.

I’m a software guy, I don’t know how to re-engineer hardware.

I allready have 433MHz LoRa but I’m looking at increasing the range.

Can you check if there is any 169MHz PCB stock left anywhere in the world?

Also can you provide soft/hard 169MHz antenna + CE/FCC/UKCA certification for the chip/development board?

Hi Marc, I cannot directly help you providing a DVK. Internally I know we have replenished our stock in November 2021. Please contact our sales support for more help.

  • Also can you provide soft/hard 169MHz antenna
  • CE/FCC/UKCA certification for the chip/development board
    • Our boards are intended as reference designs and for development. While we have run pre-regulatory testing on the boards to validate the schematic/layout, we have not certified the PCB.

Ok, I purchased these instead: CC1120EMK-169 Daughter card | TI.com