FAQ: How to debug AXM0F343 code generated in AX Configuration Utility and imported in ON IDE?

The AX-Configuration Utility is a hands-on configuration and firmware source code generation tool for the AXM0F343.
Projects generated with AX-Configuration Utility can be imported in the OnsemiIDE ready to be flashed and debugged.

During debugging, when single stepping across the project code, the following error appears not allowing to inspect the source code of lower level code (e.g. CMU driver):

The reason for this error is that the Source Lookup Path of projects imported from AX-Configuration Utility is wrong.
The issue can be solved by clicking on “Edit Source Lookup Path” and inserting the correct path, but this workaround would have to be repeated for every project.

In order to fix this issue once for all (for each onsmeiIDE Workspace), please follow the following steps:

  • From the main toolbar, navigate to Window → Preferences to open the Eclipse settings. Then go to C/C++ → Debug → Source Lookup Path and click ADD (Step 1)
  • Choose Path Mapping (Step 2)
  • Add a new entry with:
    • On the left side, in Compilation path set: C:/Users/fg8y4b/ON_Semiconductor/PACK
    • On the right side, in Local file system path set: C:/Users/<your-user-folder>/ON_Semiconductor/PACK , or another path where your CMSIS packs are stored. (e.g. the new onsemi IDE (from V4.1.2.79) stores packs in C:\Users\<your-user-folder>\AppData\Local\Arm\Packs )
  • Click OK and then Apply and Close.

Now you will be able to fully debug any project created using the AX-Configuration Utility.

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