External oscillator frequency options for RSL10 during radio activity - 48MHz only option?

Hi, I usually work on the firmware side of things when it comes to microcontrollers, but I have a question about the hardware side. I am searching for the absolute smallest components I can find for a custom board, and a 48MHz crystal is relatively large compared to other components. I found a 20MHz oscillator (SIT8021AC-J4-18S-24.000000E SiTime | Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators |) that is much smaller than 48MHz options. Would it be possible to use a 20MHz clock instead of the 48MHz oscillator in the reference schematic? I’m also looking for as minimal power consumption as possible, so perhaps a lower frequency clock source would help with this as well.

I only want one crystal on my board, which I know will be alright if i use a 48MHz crystal. Any help or insights on using a 20MHz crystal instead would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


According to RSL10 datasheet, if you want to transmit or receive RF traffic, the RSL10 must be clocked from the XTAL/PLL of the radio front−end at 48 MHz.
When RSL10 is not transmitting/receiving RF traffic, it can run off the 48 MHz XTAL, the internal RC oscillators, the 32 kHz oscillator, or an external clock. Please refer to the picture below.


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