DVK-2c and AX5043-868-2-GEVK out of the box giving PLL ranging error on one DVK-2c

I just took delivery of 2 pcs DVK-2c and 4 pcs AX5043-868-2-GEVK boards. I mounted a AX5043 board into each of the DVK boards. The 2 sets behave differently. One is showing
“SLAVE RX COUNT RNG=09” which I guess is ok, the other board shows “AX-5043-169 PLL ranging err” which is probably not ok :wink:
I have tested all 4 AX5043 boards on the DVK that shows the error, same result.
Now before I go deep into all the software packages, is there something I can do to make this work, is it an error or is it “just” a matter of downloading the correct code to the board that shows the error ?
I had hoped it would be possible to do some quick and dirty tests without downloading a ton of software…

Hey, I could be wrong, but they make modules at different frequency’s. Lookin at the website it looks like they have a 915, 868, 433, and 169 MHz. its possible that you got the wrong code running. Any frequency lower than 400ish MHz requires an external tuning inductor for the PLL loop.

If your running 868 MHz double check that the code your running is using the internal VCO calibration, internal inductor, ect… Should be a default one when selecting Kit options in the GUI when starting a new project.

Thanks Alex,
the 4 AX5043 modules are the same, all are -868 modules.
One of the DVK sees all 4 modules as -169 and says “PLL ranging err”, the other DVK actually sees them as -433 !
That’s why I’m wondering what’s going on ?

Unfortunately I haven’t done a lot of work with these myself. Looking at the quick starting guide page 9,

The pre−installed software recognizes most AX radio add−on modules

I’m guessing your in the minority. I would try to generate a basic project using the GUI and upload it to both devices with add on modules attached. Make sure you select the right kit options. Then check pin options. Make sure you got VCO calibration enabled, and using internal PLL loop and inductor. Then check the PHY settings for the correct frequency.

You could always try drastically changing the code. Like try to program it for 915 instead. As long as its above the 400MHz range it should be able to use all the internal components. Sometimes I find that resisters don’t always update when you try to upload new code.

If it doesn’t work then you might have to try to program the 8052 separately. I spend most of my time on the 343 and 243 good luck.

Thanks for the ponters Alex, I installed AX:Radiolab and created a default master/slave project, and the boards are now communicating :wink:
Now the fun can start…

Thanks again,