Does anybody have AX-RadioLab v2.11a?

As we know, onsemi has end of lifed the entire sub-GHz portfolio. They also removed all documentation, supporting files, as well as toolchain and software from their website. It is very frustrating as the last time buy date has not passed yet, and removing necessary digital files only add insult to the injury of suddenly discontinuing the products.

I’m wondering if anybody have installers for a more recent version of AX-RadioLab? From what I can tell through the documents that I can find, v2.11a should be more recent.

I would greatly appreciate if you folks could help me about this issue.


Unfortunately, we do not have more recent version of AX-RadioLab anymore.

Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause to you.

I was able to download again I guess the latest AX-IDE by clicking on the link I got via email when the last version was released:
After logging in with my onsemi account, the download started.

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This worked, thank you!