DMIC_OD Configuation - Decimation Rate Bug


I think my team and me have found a bug in the RSL10 hardware reference manual (Section AUDIO_DMIC_CFG) and corresponding register definition rsl10_hw_cid101.h.

The decimation rate value for 256 (DECIMATE_BY_256) is wrong. It should be 0x18 instead of 0x16. We found this inconsistency in version 3.3.75.

Maybe you have fixed this issue already in the latest version. :slight_smile:


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Hi @markus.jellitsch,

Good catch, and thank you for letting us know about this discrepancy. We have confirmed on our end that the bug is still present in the latest release, so we have started the necessary process to fix this in all of our upcoming releases.

Once again, thank you for sharing this feedback with us and helping to further refine our firmware and documentation offerings.