DIO output to 1.5-2V in sleep mode ,which should be 0V

hi,when put RSL10 in sleep mode, and I set dio to output low ,and the DIO still output 1.5-2V
can you help?

I also tried to disable DIO in sleep mode ,still output to 1.5-2V

Hello, and thanks for reaching out.
Is there a particular piece of sample code you are using? If you want to take a look at our “peripheral_server_sleep”, you can verify the DIO status during sleep by monitoring LED_DIO.

Before entering sleep, the code will set DIO (LED_DIO) to output low.

The DIO (LED_DIO) will remain low when the chip is in sleep mode.
After wakeup, the code will set DIO (LED_DIO) to output high.