DIO[0]..[3] input leakage

I’ll use the RSL10 with a 3V coin cell, with DIO-Wakeup from deep sleep.
But I can not find the figures of DIO input leakage (or input resistance) in high/low input state.
These figures are important, since the consumption of the inputs will be contributing to the continuous drain of the battery by the RSL10 while waiting to be woken up.

As an example of what I need, on ST these figures can be seen on page 92 for the STM32L071CB:
STM32L071CB Datasheet

Can you please provide me those figures?

Many thanks in advance!
Best Regards


The leakage around (~30°C) =0.2nA. so total 16 DIOs has 16*0.2nA =3.2nA.

Y axis unit is nA.


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