Different behaviour of RSL10 with and without Debugger

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i come to you in a bit of a tricky situation. I am woking on my bachelor thesis wich is due in two days :wink:

I am using an RSL10 to controll an E-Paper Display. The RSL10 send data to the E-Paper Display via SPI, and i am using a Segger J-Link Edu mini for debugging and flashing with Keil uVision5.
The code works perfectly fine as long as I reset the RSL10 with the debugger first, but when i let the battery run low and the restat the RSL10 without the debugger, I does not behave the same.

During the developtmentphase i discovered that the “pending flag” of timer interrupts are reset automaticly with the debugger attatched but must be toggeled manually with out it.
Is there some other different behaviour without the debugger that i should know of? Or do you have a direct idea what the issue could be with the E-paper display behaving odd? Or is there a way to call a software hard reset i could call via code?

I am trying my hardest to debug the issue myself, but any help or ideas would be very welcome

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There is a bit of difference between debug mode and normal mode.

Once debug mode has been initiated, the watchdog timer is automatically disabled.

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hi martin

you just saved my bachelor thesis, thanks a lot :upside_down_face: