Device serialization number in NVR

By any chance is there some device serialization number that is stored in NVR3 or NVR4 at manufacturing? It would be nice to have a unique per-device number that could be used by the firmware as a serial number or private key for various purposes.

I guess that the NVR3 BLE Address or NV4 MFG BLE Address could be used, assuming these are all unique per device. Is that true? And what is the difference between the NVR3 and NVR4 BLE Addresses?

Any other solutions to having a unique ID per RSL10?

Hi mbianchi

Yes, you can use the BLE Address in NVR4 as the unique ID per RSL10.
NVR3’s BLE Address is the same to NVR4 at the factory from onsemi. But NVR3 could be erased or written by user and then its contents will be changed. But NVR4 will not be erased.