Current peak after sending data

Hi everyone,

I am trying to made that RSL10 as a Peripheral server sends 5 packets of 244 bytes. I am working in a peripheral_server_sleep_ext modified sample because I’d read in other threads in the forum that this is the best example to start on.

After configuring DLE, MTU extension, 2Mbps PHY and other functionalities, I have a program which firstly advertises, then connects and configures the connections (with the central client) and sends the 5 packet burst. After sending it disconnects itself by GAPC_DISCONNECT_CMD.

As a note, I program it to not advertise after the disconnection occurs to try to go to deep sleep as soon as possible because of the ultra-low-power requirements my project has.

Now I am having an issue I don’t understand why:

In the image above you can see I have a peak in the 30 seconds after the disconnection finishes. (The big peaks are the ones which I send the 5 packets). I saw also that if I start advertising after disconnection it those peaks disapear.

Do you know what could be? I think could be a configuration is being done in advertising state which I am missing. What could I do?

Thank you very much to all of you



Would it be possible to share your code to be able to reproduce the issue on our site?

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Yes! here you have it: (84,6 KB)

If it don’t works or compiles say it to me and I’ll resend you.

Thank you


I don’t know if you could receive it.

Thank you

Hi @epuigvert,

Yes we received your code. Now we are evaluating and will inform you as soon as possible.

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