Change RSL10 Advertising Rate While Advertising

Is there a way to change the RSL10 advertising rate while advertising? From the manuals it looks like you have to stop the current advertising session with a cancel command and the restart advertising at the new rate. Is there a way to do this without issuing two commands?

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More information: I need to change the advertising rate to something on the order of three seconds in my application low power mode, and would like to crank the rate back up when a host tries to connect to make the connection process faster. I’m looking for a way to do that with the RSL10 BLE stack.


You need to cancel and restart advertising for change advertising interval.
You need use a timer for 3s running fast advertising , then stop and start new slow advertising.

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All right. Can you tell me what event needs to be caught to detect that someone is trying to connect so I can increase the advertising rate? Will that work at all?


You will know if connection has been successfully established via GAPC_CONNECTION_REQ_INDICATION.

The Bluetooth application manager is in the state APPM_ADVERTISING, the LED on the RSL10 Evaluation and Development Board (DIO6) is blinking. -> Application is advertising state, not connected yet.

If connection with GATT server RSL10 board is successful LED turns on steadily once the link is established and it enters the APPM_CONNECTED state.

This is the only way to know connection request event.

As you know that at the lower advertising rate, the lower is the chance to detect the connection request.

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I thought I had read somewhere that there was a way to decrease connect time at low advertising intervals since the CONNECT_REQ packet needs to wait on the next advertising packet to come in and interference can cause this to take several advertising intervals. After looking at the BLE spec again, Volume 6, Part D, chapter 5.1, I believe I misunderstood what was possible at low advertising intervals. My mistake.