Can the LPDSP32 function be used in the peripheral_server_sleep example?


LPDSP functions included in LPDSP32_fibonacci are ported and tested in the peripheral_server_sleep example.
After booting, Interrupt may be normally received and a value can read by accessing DRAM_DSP.
However, after executing the “BLE_Power_Mode_Enter” function, will not receive Interrupt and will not be able to read values from DRAM_DSP.
Everything is normal when the “BLE_Power_Mode_Enter” function is removed, but Sleep mode must be used.
RAM Retention was added to the mem_power_cfg and mem_power_cfg_wakeup variables.
Is there anything additional to modify to use LPDSP32 in the peripheral_server_sleep example?
I’m adding the entire source code, so please check it.

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Ayden (102.1 KB)

When entering sleep mode all digital configuration is lost. So the interrupt enable registers get reset among others. When using sleep, ALL digital register configuration needs to be restored, only memory contents are retained.

Hi, jamie

Can the value of the DSP_DRAM region be read in sleep mode?
Can LPDSP32 continue to operate in sleep mode?
How can I modify the source code to use DSP_DRAM in Sleep mode?

The LPDSP32 cannot operate in sleep mode.