Breakpoints after sleep/standby


I just started with RSL10 module. I have not worked with it before so I started from scratch.
I am trying to understand how sleep/standby modes work but I am having some difficulties while debugging the examples provided.

for starting, is there only 1 breakpoint, isn’t it?
What I see is that sometimes breakpoint does not got triggered after the device wakes up. I see the led blinking on some examples (application seems working) but it does not stop in breakpoint.

For example, I find this behaviour in the example: sleep_RAM_detection. In others too but this is the last I tested.

Is this the right behaviour? Can it be improved? I have worked with other MCU that allow to stop in a breakpoint after waking up.

What you are seeing are related to existence of sleep mode in “Sleep_RAM_retention” or ‘peripheral_server_sleep’ example code. System clocks are powered down when the device goes to sleep. Therefore, the debug session cannot be kept alive between sleep cycles.

How to debug with sleep mode is discussed in section 7.4 in RSL10_getting_started_guide available in RSL10 Documentation Package

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