Bootloader and DFU service

I would want to understand how does the bootloader and the DFU service interact while writing the .fota file into the flash? Can i please undestand the sequence of FOTA update on RSL10?

More info is at: RSL10 Firmware Over-The-Air User’s Guide chapter 3. The FOTA firmware.

Upon boot-up, the bootloader checks whether there is a valid user application or Bluetooth Low Energy stack programmed. The sequence of operations is as follows :

  1. If there is a valid user application, start it.
  2. If no valid application is found, start the FOTA Bluetooth Low Energy stack DFU component (so the device
    can receive FOTA updates).
  3. If no valid FOTA Bluetooth Low Energy stack is found, start the bootloader updater (in this case, the device can only receive firmware updates over UART/USB).
    The FOTA Bluetooth Low Energy stack DFU component can be activated from the user application at any time, through a call to Sys_Fota_StartDfu(). More details about this are provided in later chapters.

Please read through the RSL10 Firware Over-The-Air user’s Guide and let us know if we could do further support or explain your specific question based on that document.

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