Bluetooth SIG Application

I have question about Bluetooth SIG application.

1-There are two options for qualification. One of them is Qualification process with required testing and other is Qualification process with no required testing. Which one should we choose for RSL10SIP?

2-If we need to choose Qualification process with required testing, then what will be the test planning which is shown link at below?

At step 4 and 5 in this link, there are testing and test documentation part. For RSL10SIP , I don’t understand this very well. What will we do for that part and which document should we upload here ?

For step 1, there is “Previously Qualified Design Used in this Qualification” part, there is QDID to define there. What will be this for RSL10SIP?

For RSL10SIP, I found this listing page and there is RSL10SIP QDID , do I use this for step1 ?(photo1 is illustrated at attachment, link is Launch Studio - Listing Search)

Also in this link Launch Studio Start Guide Feb. 2020 , there is an guide for application but before making any application , I need to be sure for above questions.

If you have example qualification document for this , can you share it with us ?

Thanks in advance.

Did you read the OnSemi application note about Bluetooth qualification for RSL10?

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AND9589 is a general qualification process application note for all RSL10 based products. My question is more specific for RSL10 SIP, which has already a RF certificate. If we use RSL10 SIP, should we follow “Qualification process with no required testing” ?

Hi @caglar.yavuzer

RSL10 SIP is fully certified and you would need to reference the QDID in the declaration. As you are not changing the antenna or radiation patterns, there is no additional testing that is needed. You can refer to following thread which also includes worldwide regulatory standard reports.

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We use “Battery Service” and “Device Information Service” from latest SDK.
I looked at RSL10SIP QDID: 92528 listing and it shows that “Battery Service” and “Device Information Service” is included.
So if I understood correctly we can go with “Qualification process with no required testing”?

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