Bluetooth Mesh Package

This is third question,which ı have asked to you but ı have never got real solution. Please focus on my problem.

You must give to RSL10 users exist MESH CMSIS PACK on ON SEMI Site
Direct me to upgrade mesh pack through IDE. So, please follow below information;

I have a trouble about RSL10 Mesh Pack. I have asked some question on ON Semiconductor forum but ı haven’t got answer of my problem.

You can look at that questions;

My main problem is that ı can’t existing of latest RSL10 Mesh pack on ON Semi site;

Radio SoC, Bluetooth 5 Certified or

RSL10 SIP: System-in-Package, Bluetooth® 5 Certified, SDK 3.5 or here

As you see as on my forums questions they said to me we can easily update packs through section of IDE packs. Also, ı couldn’t do that. Please refer below informations:

I have problem about refreshing or updating packs through IDE and ı haven’t existing mesh CMSIS Pack on the On Semiconductor Site.
When ı go into packs section and select RSL10 on IDE, the mesh packs looks like up to date to latest pack. But it doesn’t latest pack (1.4.43). Please refer to this picture:

1.4.43915×91 11.5 KB

When ı use " Check for updates on Web" button, ı have getting some errors and warning. Please refer to this picture:

Ekran Alıntısı
Ekran Alıntısı1310×97 5.47 KB

I can use BLE mesh package 1.4.43 but when ı open ble_mesh example ı have getting errors.Please refer to this picture (ı have installed required RSL10 pack (3.0.534) ) ):

image1388×622 45.9 KB

mesh err
mesh err1393×595 18.8 KB

and ı need latest Mesh pack cause of using latest strata pack.

Can you help me?

Best Regards…

Hi @karuf ,

I have answered your question on this topic: