Bluetooth Mesh Package with RSL10 package 3.5.285

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I am working on RSL10 Ble Mesh app. When ı install Bluetooth mesh package 1.4.43 with RSL10 3.5.285 CMSIS pack, ı have getting some errors. Please refer to below images.


Please refer to our Strata Mesh Kit for any mesh applications as we are focusing support for this kit at this point in time. Evaluation Boards from ON Semiconductor

The RSL10 Mesh Platform is a versatile and easily configurable development kit that enables users to develop Bluetooth® Low Energy mesh networking applications based on RSL10, the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 radio. The platform includes two RSL10 Mesh Nodes, with a variety of available smart sensors and indicators, and a Strata Gateway Node, which enables connectivity to the Strata Developer Studio™ and provisions the network. Within Strata, users can monitor telemetry such as nodes voltage, temperature and control LED lighting, while following along as Bluetooth Low Energy mesh commands are send out and received. This provides a reference for software development using the ON Semiconductor RSL10 Mesh Networking Package and IDE tools.

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@martin.bela Thanks for your replie, but that wasn’t answer of my question.

Can’t ı develop BLE Mesh Application with RSL10 SIP Board? Do ı need Strata kit? Because ı have only normal RSL10 kit.

I want to develop custom application on ON SEMICONDUCTOR IDE with RSL10 mesh CMSIS package and ı have getting errors. How can ı solve that? Where can ı get latest RSL10 Mesh CMSIS package? Can ONSemiconductor.StrataRSL10Mesh.1.0.0.pack work with ON SEMICONDUCTOR IDE
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We are coordinating our support on the Strata Mesh kit so you will need to use that one, rather than the RSL10 kit which you currently have.

Further details on this topic are available here: