Ble_mesh example project compilation fails with latest CMSIS packs

ble_mesh example project from RSL10Mesh CMSIS pack compilation fails after upgrading to latest CMSIS packs (RSL10 pack v3.4.2-4 and RSL10Mesh pack v1.6.79). Please see the error below.

This is a known issue.
Please uncomment line 405 from gapc_task.h file and it should compile the project.

gapc_task.h is located at in the CMSIS pack ON_Semiconductor\PACK\ONSemiconductor\RSL10\3.4.2-4\include\ble\gapc_task.h

Comment out line 405 on gapc_task.h, another errors are appeared.
PACK version is 3.5.285, please let me know how to resolve it?

Hi @Ken

Please refer to thread Compilation Error with similar topic. Solution how to resolve this issue can be found in Release Notes of IDE V3.4.0.48.

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Thanks for your advice, I can fix it by “Mesh Package not compatible with latest RSL10 CMSIS-Pack and ON Semiconductor IDE”.