BLE as peripheral and GATT client simultaneously


Can a BLE device act as a peripheral ( advertise and pair) and also act as a GATT client(to read data) after connection is established? Is the understanding correct in terms of BLE “peripheral” and " GATT client"?

Any example to refer to for this?


GATT Fundamentals.
The GATT client is the device that initiates commands and requests to the GATT server, and can receive responses, indications and notifications from the GATT server. The GATT server is the device that accepts incoming commands and requests from the GATT client, and sends responses, indications and notifications to the GATT client. These roles are not fixed to the devices on which they run, and a device’s affiliation to the role is stopped as soon as the role-specific procedure ends. A device can act in both roles simultaneously.

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