BDK Pack with BLE Abstraction

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Are there any problems use BDK pack (which version ı use is 1.17.5) with Bluetooth Core(API)/BLE Abstraction?
When ı import to project BDK pack and BLE Abstraction, ı have got many errors about ble_bass.c file. Is that problem about config of my project or about we can’t use that libraries together?

Hi @karuf
Which example projects are you trying to use?

Some of the older projects do not use BLE Abstractions and are not compatible with them.
If the project does not use the BLE Abstractions component by default when you imported it then it is not able to use it.

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Hi @lukas.mandak ,

I have create my own project, which is based on IDK Custom Servics Example. I have set up all configurations as like as IDK Custom Servics Example. I have that code part on BLE_PeripheralServer.c :

struct gapm_reset_cmd *cmd;

    /* Reset the stack */
    cmd = KE_MSG_ALLOC(GAPM_RESET_CMD, TASK_GAPM, TASK_APP, gapm_reset_cmd);
    cmd->operation = GAPM_RESET;

    /* Send the message */

In fact, that part of code equal GAPM_Reset() function in ble_gap.c file in BLE Abstraction Layer.Instead of write that part of code every time, ı want to use that function . But ı have get error…

I know ı can create somewhere custom function but ı want to information about that 2 libraries work together or not…

Hi @karuf ,
The Bluetooth abstractions from IDK Custom Service example (BLE_PeripheralServer) cannot be used together with the functions from BLE Abstractions component.

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