Axm0f343 with XTAL - instead of TCXO


  1. we need a general schematic for 433 , 868 , 915 , 169 for using the axm0f343 without TCXO just using XTAL crystal in the axm0f343 or similar radio chip

1.1 please provide recommend crystal (is 16Mhz IS the best ? for long range ) for low rate 20 bytes per 5 minutes and 15 dbm using auto acknowledge ?

1.2 Using the AX configuration Utility and choose in pin configuration : REF Osc config pin 39,40 → XTAL instead of TCXO does the AX configuration Utility - do all needed configuration of the registers for Axm0f343 using XTAL ? (assuming we need defaults)

1.3 if using XTAL -16MHZ what is the best most reliable channel spacing ?

  1. where can i find more info on OnSemi web site to use the AX configuration → Radio parameters and how the react even not for AX5043 ( even different On Semi chip )



Please refer to our thread below, where you can find answers to your questions.

Pcb axm0f343 - tcxo

Hi Yaniv,
please check out this post on how to modify HW/SW to work with a custom reference clock FAQ: Use different TCXO or XTAL with AXM0F343 - Connectivity / Sub-GHz - onsemi Community Forums