AXM0F343 shrink antenna matching size

how can i shrink the size of the matching antenna, filter …from ic to ant

i would like to be all circuits as small as possible ?

Hi Yaniv,
Our DVK footprint is too big :slight_smile: ?

PDF3D of AXM0F343-256-915-1-GEVB.PDF (3.7 MB)

Unfortunately as already mentioned in AXM0F343-64 - Balun impedance matching and filter - Connectivity / Sub-GHz - onsemi Community Forums we don’t have any IPC built specifically for our radio that we could recommend. You may find some Off-The-Shelf component but you would need to test a few before finding something appropriate.
I am pretty sure that the matching section will be difficult to find as it has to be Radio-IC specific. For the Balun and Filter instead you can use some generic 50 Ohm matched parts. But again, I don’t have anything to recomend.

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