AXM0F343-64 - low cost two layers pcb

  1. we would like to make 2 layers PCB for low cost products line .
    (we already done 4 layers )
    2.please provide guidance we do have Vector analyzer , spectrum analyzer to get max optimization .


Hi Yaniv. A 4-layer design is clearly beneficial for an RF board, but understandable, to cut costs, you may go for a 2-layer board.
We don`t have any chip-specific suggestions. As for any design you should minimize track lengths, put the XTAL/TCXO and decoupling caps as close as possible to the IC, include many stitching vias around the RF-path, make an as big-as-possible ground plane.
There are many interesting tutorials online, for example Altium has many articles and videos

For the overall efficiency, our reference matching network layout allows to adapt each component on the final PCB prototype and optimize for power/consumption/noise.

I know of customers designs done on 2-layer boards and they do work fine.
In case you were to make a printed PCB antenna, this will be the most challenging part that will require good knowledge of your substrate, some simulations, and a prototyping cycle.


Hello [georgi.gorine] and all :slight_smile: (Profile - georgi.gorine - onsemi Community Forums)

i’m thinking to run this tests
will be happy to hear some more advices and some ideas to test

using vector analyzer and spectrum analyzer

i"m thinking to try to make two layers RF pcb
1.around Corners Pcb shield
2. above and ( under) to add cupper / Metal shield connected to GND.
3. only the antenna will be out

  1. also my basic assumptions are :
    4.1 most of the NOISE are coming from the antenna and some from the antenna connectors
    4.2 most of the NOISE are NOT coming from the PA Choke and Matching and NOT from the Balun and NOT from the harmonic filter (or those cab be negated ) i will check if this is true (please correct me if i wrong ) so focusing should be from the Antenna connector and the antenna

  2. also what will be the best angel between the 2 - layers pcb and the antenna to optimize lower noise in x-y plane (0 , 45 , 90, -45, 90 ) and in Z plane (0 , 45 , 90, -45, 90 )

i saw this guy from 2016 done 80 % some of what I’m trying to do

please advice

i saw this guy from 2016 done 80 % some of what I’m trying to do

please advice