AX8052F143AX8052F143 - UART ISR issue

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Can someone share the code? THe interrupt only enters once and then gets stuck on a timer loop

can you please share the code that you are currently using so that we can see how the problem appears and find the root-cause?
Thank you!


Thank you for the reply; Please find attached the entire project and thank you in advanced.

We have worked on the main.c file on the master

The file was originated from AXradio lab and then modified with AXcode Blocks. The main issue is that the in only enters the UART interrupt only once.

is there a flag register that needs to be cleared?

MyProject (2).rar (1.0 MB)

#if USE_UART_0
//__reentrantb void uart0_irq(void) __interrupt(INT_UART0)
void uart0_irq(void) __interrupt(INT_UART0)
static uint8_t temp = 0;
static char ch;
static char state = 1;


if (state)
    state = 0;
    PORTA |= (1 << 0); // SET PA0
    state = 1;
    PORTA &= 0xFE; // clear PA0

//ch = uart0_rx(); // read char from fifo
temp = uart0_rxcount();
while(uart0_rxcount() > 0)
    ch = uart0_rx(); // read char from fifo
    //display_tx(ch); // send on display
    //display_writestr("$"); //this is for the LCD

main.c (39.4 KB)