AX8052F143: Flashing new firmware without the old key


We have a bunch of boards with AX8052F143 and they were manufactured like 3 years ago. They have firmware lock and the previous engineer who worked with them never told us the key. So I have a few questions:

(1) Is it possible to flash a new firmware without knowing the old key? According to my rough understanding of your application notes, it’s possible but the RF calibration data will be lost.

(2) So if (1) is true, what will be the consequences of losing RF calibration data? Is it possible to copy the RF calibration data from other chips with a similar date code?



Please refer to our document AX8052 Production Programming.

If it is desired to reset the key of a locked microcontroller, the following command can be used:
axsdb.exe −−oldkeys key −−newkey 0xffffffffffffffff
−−flashprog file

It is important that whenever the flash is programmed,
−−oldkeys key1,key2… is given with all possible keys the microcontroller could be locked with.
Otherwise, calibration data is lost.

Thanks for the reply, but it didn’t answer my question.

I want to reset the key of a locked microcontroller, yes. But I DO NOT know the old key. Is it possible?



You need to know the old key .