AX8052F143 Code:Blocks IDE debugger

I’ve been having lots of problems with the Code:Blocks debugger while bringing up newly designed boards. Break pointing works well, Stepping to the cursor also seems to work, but most of the other features do not work. Of particular importance, Tracing very seldom works and Memory dumps rarely work. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

I’ve been working with the part on a custom designed board since the end of September, so I have learned a lot about Code:Blocks as well as the part itself, but the problems I’ve experienced with the debugging tools has really slowed things down.

I have a significant amount of experience working with a multitude of different microcontrollers and their associated IDEs in the past and have never experienced these kinds of problems. Please advise.

Hi. Have you checked the AxCodeBlocks.pdf from the \Documentation\Dev Tools ? (download here )
From your problem description I understand you are having problems in visualizing the memory/registers content. Please check from page 25 of the above pdf to learn more about the debugging windows.

Yes, you are correct. I am having problems with almost all aspects of
debugging under Windows 10 using AXCode:Blocks built-in the AXSDB
debugger. I can set breakpoints but I cannot step through the source code.
I can run to cursor most of the time. I cannot reliably view traced
variables nor can I reliably dump memory. I’ve primarily been trying to
view structures stored in X RAM. All of this makes it very time consuming
to do any real source-level debugging.

Perhaps this has something to do with the custom board I’m working with. I
do not have one of your development boards but custom designed board I’m
working with seems to be running properly to some limited extent and I am
able to Flash and Run with the AXDBG board attached and I can view console
output using Putty on the serial debug port.

I will visit the link you sent me to and follow your directions.

Thanks for your help.